Spray Foam Accreditations
Spray Foam Accreditations
Spray Foam Accreditations


Energy efficient design and build solutions

Increased demand for energy efficient homes and tighter legislation surrounding new residential and commercial building projects, has created a need for high performance, efficient, durable insulation solutions that perform consistently throughout the year, regardless of external weather conditions.

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation solutions can provide your building and/or architecture business with a significant advantage, bringing design and sustainability together, differentiating you from the rest and making your budgets work harder, without compromising the design vision or building’s integrity.

Icynene solutions can help your company deliver above and beyond client expectations of energy efficiency; they can help improve indoor air quality, create quieter spaces to live, work and play and deliver lower heating/cooling bills monthly, saving significant money on your clients’ energy bills year on year.

The Icynene Spray Foam system delivers solutions that are code-compliant, and have been tested, evaluated and certified by industry associations, including BBA, ETA and IAB, and are guaranteed to perform for the life of the building.

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A Better Quality Home

Designing and building a client’s dream home goes beyond the aesthetics – improved home comfort is what can make it stand out from the crowd and exceed expectations.

Icynene spray foam insulation will help your business deliver higher performing, more energy efficient, functional homes that deliver on comfort as well.

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Building Science

Practicing building science and being conscious of the ways all building components interact, including the foundation, walls, roofs, doors, windows, insulation and mechanical systems, is critical to optimising a building’s performance and preventing building failures.

Architects and developers can rest assured that Icynene products have been developed with this principle in mind, and can help support the integrity of a building in the following ways:

  • All-in-one product: insulation and air barrier
  • Thermal comfort and consistent R-value
  • No harmful long-term emissions
  • Meets current building codes
  • Reduced labour and material waste
  • Easily applied over curved surfaces and irregular shapes
  • Not damaged by water
  • Aids in minimizing airborne sound transfer ​

Architects, builders and other professionals can find out more about how Icynene can be incorporated into designs here

If you are unsure as to whether your property can benefit from Icynene Spray Foam Insulation, contact us for a free, no obligation assessment.


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Spray Foam vs. Traditional Insulation

Traditional insulation has, in the past, limited the possibilities of commercial and residential design, due to the typically rigid insulation materials. Icynene spray foam insulation not only offers superior performance qualities, but due to its composition and application method, it can also adhere to the most complex of structures with ease.

Whether it is external or internal applications, Icynene products consistently outperforms other insulation types.

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In modern design and construction, an air tight seal is imperative for sustainable projects, and is a prerequisite for total building performance. Icynene spray foam products are unique in that they combine superior thermal insulation solutions with optimum protection against air leakage, significantly reducing carbon emissions and saving significant money on heating/cooling costs. Its duel functionality also means fewer building materials are needed in the design, and due to its quick and easy application, construction schedules can also be significantly reduced.

Upon application, Icynene Spray Foam products expand to 100 times their original size, filling every inch of a surface, leaving no gaps in its solidified shell, creating an air seal. The spray method by which it is applied means it is incredibly versatile and can quickly and effectively cover the most complex of structures with ease, not compromising on design.

A huge advantage of Icynene is that is can be applied directly to a variety of materials. Different foam products have been developed for a variety of circumstances and conditions. All, however, are effective in any climate, aren’t affected by humidity and do not degrade over time.


Product types

Icynene’s portfolio of spray foam insulation products have been engineered to be energy efficient, high performance and cost effective. There are two types of solutions; open cell and closed cell, each with different properties to achieve different objectives.

They can be used separately or in tandem within one project, so as to maximise the effects of insulation and utilise the technical benefits of each solution. If you are unsure which solution is best for your project, contact us for more information.

Open Cell

Spongy in consistency, open cell foam offers high performance thermal insulation and air sealing, and can also act as a sound barrier, significantly reducing travelling noise

Due to its low water absorption, mould and damp will be a thing of the past, and as it is breathable, it will also help to prevent condensation.

  • Classic
  • Classic Ultra
  • Classic Ultra Select
  • Classic Plus

Closed Cell

Using different technology to open cell formulations, closed cell foam is rigid when it solidifies, and is great in flood prone areas as it rejects bulk water.

It can be used in both internal and external applications.

  • ProSeal
  • ProSeal Eco
  • ProSeal LE
  • MD-C-200


Commercial Design

Icynene ProSeal and Pro Seal Eco are continuous insulation solutions that outperform traditional XPS rigid board on cost, performance and design for exterior air barrier wall assemblies. Icynene products will completely cover all areas, resulting in a total high performance solution that will only enhance any architectural design and construction approach.

They are the ideal solution for uniquely shaped surfaces, not compromising modern design innovation, and will involve less labour and fewer materials, resulting in lower project costs.

Accredited Installers

Green Horizon Energy Solutions is one of only a handful of approved contractors across the UK who can offer the revolutionary Icynene Spray Foam Insulation system, meeting strict criteria, completing the relevant training and maintaining health and safety requirements.

We are highly proficient in the installation of all Icynene products in a variety of commercial and industrial properties, including brick/stone buildings, timber framed constructions, warehouses, marine vessels, shipping containers and agricultural buildings.

Contact us today for more information to help with your latest design and/or construction project that can benefit from Icynene spray foam insulation systems.


If your property suffer from any of these issues

  • High energy bills
  • Heat loss
  • Mould or damp
  • Noise pollution
  • Condensation
  • Irregular temperature

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Spray Foam Accreditations
Spray Foam Accreditations
Spray Foam Accreditations
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