Spray Foam Accreditations
Spray Foam Accreditations
Spray Foam Accreditations


Green Horizon Energy Solutions is highly proficient in dealing with the complex nature of buildings of special interest, such as churches, listed buildings and stately homes, as well as properties featuring unusual shaped structures and hard to reach areas in need of protecting from external aggressors.

The Icynene insulation system benefits from duel functionality that can help alleviate many issues such buildings face, including condensation, damp and mould, pests and drafts/energy loss. In combining superior thermal insulation solutions with optimum protection against air leakage, it can significantly reduce carbon emissions and provide significant cost savings on heating/cooling bills.

At Green Horizon Energy Solutions, we can help with insulating the most complex of structures, including odd shapes where traditional methods of insulation will not suffice.

Icynene spray foam solutions will adhere to almost any surface, and will fill every gap, void and crevice. The application method means installation is possible in many difficult to reach spaces, such as curved structures or overhead voids, without the need for any type of netting or cage to hold the insulation in place. This reduces potential risk of damage to protected buildings, and the low toxicity of the products used means they can be installed quickly and easily with minimum disruption to day to day activities and the surrounding environment.

For more information on Icynene and how it works, click here.

Christ Church, Didsbury, Manchester

Green Horizon Energy Solutions had the task of insulating the back of the curved arch structure.

No other form of insulation could offer a seamless bond around a curved structure in this way, nor could it be installed with minimal fuss or disruption.

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If your property suffer from any of these issues

  • High energy bills
  • Heat loss
  • Mould or damp
  • Noise pollution
  • Condensation
  • Irregular temperature

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Spray Foam Accreditations
Spray Foam Accreditations
Spray Foam Accreditations
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