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Spray Foam Underfloor Insulation Manchester

The Energy Saving Trust states that installing underfloor insulation could save on  your heating bills and upto 290kg on CO2 emissions every year. As much as 40% of a property’s total energy loss can be as a result of air loss via the walls, roof and floors due to inefficient or absent insulation this is why underfloor insulation is so important for your house or home.

A high percentage of houses in the UK have suspended timber flooring on the ground floor, and unless the void between the base of the property and the floor is properly insulated, drafts will circulate causing the floor to feel cold to touch and will also contribute to energy wastage.

Effective insulation is often overlooked, even in new build properties, and as a result cold drafts push up through gaps in the floorboards, around skirting boards and any holes made for central heating pipes or electrics, causing higher heating bills, uncomfortable drafts and can also be responsible for excessive noise penetrating the property, this is where Spray Foam Insulation for under the floor provides added value it can be applied between a joist and is a comparatively lower cost.

Underfloor insulation Manchester

Does your property suffer from any of these issues?

  • High energy bills
  • Heat loss
  • Mould or damp
  • Noise pollution
  • Condensation
  • Irregular temperature

Traditional insulation such as fibreglass, PIR board or rock wool does not produce an air seal, and It can also move and sag,causing drafts to appear and loosing its thermal resistance over time becoming ineffective in its use at maintaining a property’s energy efficiency.

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Spray Foam Insulation Reviews

Donald Lee

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Brenda Roberts

Matthew + team did my under floorboard insulation. They were professional in every way, came as agreed, removed+bagged the old rockwool, did the job efficiently + cleaned up after. I was very satisfied with their work. He even helped me

Judy Wilcox

Loft insulation is a job that has been worrying me for some time and is now no longer worry! The work was done quickly and cleanly and at a reasonable price. Judy Wilcox Download WordPress ThemesDownload Nulled WordPress ThemesDownload Nulled

Mike Surtees

Good work. Kept the area clean and worked professionally. The insulation made the property quieter and felt the benefit of the draught proofing and insulation immediately. Very pleased so far Mike Surtees Free Download WordPress ThemesDownload Nulled WordPress ThemesDownload Best

Spray Foam Insulation Reviews

Brenda Roberts

Matthew + team did my under floorboard insulation. They were professional in every way, came as agreed, removed+bagged the old rockwool, did the job efficiently + cleaned up after. I was very satisfied with their work. He even helped me

Underfloor Insulation Manchester

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation is the superior underfloor insulation solution. When applied, the foam expands to 100 times its original size, completely covering the most complex of structures with ease, expanding into every gap or void that is present. As a result, when it solidifies it forms an air tight seal, preventing any drafts from penetrating the property, and has high thermal resistance; as heat rises, the main objective in underfloor insulation is to prevent cold air rising up through the floor and pushing the warm air in the property into the loft.

It fully adheres to a surface when applied; no netting or other form of fixing is needed to keep it in position, and it does not degrade or sag over time – making it ideal for use on the underside of a suspended floor, especially if there is a cellar present. It is also breathable when it solidifies, allowing air to move freely throughout the body of the property, preventing problems such as condensation and more seriously, rot in floor joints.

Icynene will work at its full potential for the life of the building, and all installs are automatically covered by a manufacturer’s 25 year warranty policy when installed by Green Horizon Energy Solutions. Icynene is also the only foam on the market to have achieved BBA, BDA, ETA and IAB certification, giving you total peace of mind with regards to the integrity of the product.

Access For Underfloor Insulation

Once we have a suitable access point we physically send a person underneath to apply the insulation directly to the underside of the boards, in some instances we can work with a gap of just 40cm so if you are in doubt to if we could fit underneath you would be surprised at some of the tight spaces we work in, we will always offer a free survey in order to asses the depth and ability to apply the foam, because Icynene LDC-50 Is an open cell foam even when it sets (in a as little as 5 seconds) it remains soft and flexible with the consistency of a sponge, the benefit to this is that the foam will move with seasonal changes to the buildings envelope so as expansion and contraction occur durning winter and summer the foam will maintain a full air seal making sure no air leaks develop in and around the material, also as an open cell product it will allow any bulk water to drain through without absorbing excessive amounts and will always dry out to its original state this is important when insulating the floor because if you had a spillage or leak above the floor you are safe in the knowledge it will not get soaked up by the insulation rather it will drain through and the small amount of moisture in the product can fully dry out through the open cells and return to its original condition without effecting thermal resistance or the air seal.

Icynene open cell acts like a wind proof jacket allowing the body to breathe but stopping penetrating air  infiltrating the rooms above.

Most floor joists are roughly 200mm deep and as we aim to apply the foam to 100mm deep it does not interfere with electrics or plumbing pipes that are fastened to the bottom of the floor joists it will only interact with cables and pipes as the pass up to the room above however there are no corrosive chemicals in the product so where it does interact it will not damage or corrode electric cables or plumbing pipes, Icynene also meets all required fire regulations as part of the BBA and BDA certificate and will not add any further fire risk, the product also requires 22% Oxygen to burn so will not sustain a fire on its own without a source burning it it would self extinguish also with the end product made of 99% air there is in fact very little mass to burn.

Most underfloor insulation can be completed within a day, and with minimal disruption.If you are unsure as to whether your property is suitable for underfloor insulation or if you would like further information we offer a free, no obligation home survey service with a relaxed no pressure attitude, please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements and learn how installing Icynene open cell insulation will help you not only save on heating cost but create a more comfortable environment.

Established in February 2016 Green Horizon Energy Solutions are now well into their third year of business and have gone from strength to strength with hundreds of underfloor insulation jobs completed with excellent results and amazing client feedback, why not become another one of those satisfied customers.

Key Benefits

Save Money

Cost saving

Lower Carbon Footprint

Lower carbon footprint

Noise Reduction

Reduced noise

Damp Protection

Protection from damp, mould and pests

Safe and Certified

Safe and certified

No Drafts

No drafts

Healthier Environment

Healthier environment

Speed and Accuracy

Speed and accuracy of installation

25 Year Warranty

​25 year manufacturer’s warranty

Underfloor Insulation FAQ’s

Here are some of the most common questions about “Underfloor insulation?”

Can I use a Builder’s Blanket for Underfloor Insulation?

When it comes to underfloor insulation these areas are more exposed to wind and water than other areas of the house and secret to any good insulation is it should be able to withstand a storm. Trying a very low cost way of using a builder blanket will simply not work from a long-term perspective, once wet the blankets will provide no insulation and could produce longer lasting damaging affects to the floorboards.

Can I use Reflective Zig-Zag Foil Sheets?

When it come to Insulation is all about reducing the still air space. The better you can trap air and stop it from moving around, the better thermal protection. Trying to stop air gaps with foil sheets is near impossible.

Can I use Fibreglass Bulk Insulation?

One of the main issues with Fibreglass Bulk Insulation is it contains loose fibres that can come apart over time. The underfloors of houses are common residents for mouses and other rodents and these loose fibres can help provide them with nesting material, which makes it not the most suitable material for insulating under your floors.

Does underfloor insulation make a difference?

Here’s four reasons why you should think about underfloor Insulation;

  1. Eliminating Drafts – Spray Foam Underfloor insulation helps eliminate drafts. Adding Insulation under the floor prevents drafts between the floor and the ground.
  2. Heat Loss Prevention – Underfloor insulation helps a house retain heat appose to actual warming a house directly.
  3. Reduce Moisture and Damp – Wooden floors are vulnerable to damp moisture. Adding a layer of Spray foam insulation under the floor  can prevent moisture from soaking the wood floor.
  4. Stop Pipes From Freezing – During freezing winters pipes are prone to crack or bursting providing a layer of insulation around them can prevent this.
Icynene Spray Foam Accreditations
Icynene Spray Foam Accreditations
Icynene Spray Foam Accreditations
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